Basic Recreational Kayaking Checklist

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Kayaking trips often involve planning, packing, and accessories. This list outlines a few of the steps that go into a recreational kayaking trip:

– Check weather, tides and water conditions.

– Leave a float plan with family or friends.

– Charge electronic devices and store in waterproof containers prior to launching.

– Inspect kayaks, accessories, and vehicle mounts before and after kayaking.

– Adjust life jackets and paddle lanyards prior to launching.

The following checklist includes some of the most common equipment for recreational kayaking trips :

life jackets (PFDs)
waterproof clothing
cockpit skirts (optional)
insect repellent
small cooler with water, snacks
dry bag and zipper storage bags
digital camera
cell phone
walkie talkies
maps, charts
hand held GPS unit

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