Atlantic Coast Saltwater Kayaking

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Recreational kayakers will find an incredible array of things to do and places to explore along the Atlantic Coast. Saltwater environments of the region range from sheltered rivers and bays to the open ocean.

great blue heron
a blue heron fishes in the shallows

Touring Atlantic salt marshes and creeks is a great way to enjoy birdwatching. These areas are havens for eagles, ospreys, kingfishers, herons, egrets, rails, plovers, sanderlings, gulls, terns, and other aquatic birds.

an abandoned workboat

Photographers will find these areas to have a wealth of subjects to capture. Many of these areas contain not only birds and wildlife, but historical landmarks, long forgotten boat hulks, spectacular beaches, and other scenery.

summer flounder
a summer flounder

Recreational fishermen often find that kayaks are a great craft for saltwater fishing. Although they lack speed, distance and capacity of larger boats, fishing kayaks can navigate back water areas that other boats cannot access. Often these overlooked flats, creeks and backwater coves are home to trophy species such as striped bass, seatrout, flounder, bluefish, redfish, croakers, and other species.

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