Kayak Drifting Trips

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creek fishing in a kayakDrifting can be an extremely way to enjoy kayaking. For anglers, this is also a very productive freshwater fishing technique. Drifting trips are usually done on rivers or creeks where the water flow is strong enough to carry a kayak several miles downstream during a trip.

In some areas, kayaking drift trips are offered by local fishing guides or outfitters. Kayak f fishing or simply exploring with a guide eliminates the hassle of transporting as well as transportation back to the starting point. Drift fishing or eco-tour guides also have local knowledge concerning productive areas, lures, baits and other subjects.

Some areas are suitable for anglers to bring their own kayaks and fish at their own pace. These fun trips are often completed while on camping excursions or as part of a fishing club event.  For the return trip, arrangements are usually made with friends or family for a haul out at a suitable landing site downstream.

Planning a Drift Fishing Trip

Most state or provincial fish and game or natural resources departments have extensive information for planning a drift fishing trip. Anglers must find information concerning water levels, regulations, weather predictions and other information.

In addition to technical information, planning a drift fishing trip usually involves making arrangements to stay at a local inn, bed and breakfast, fishing lodge or campground.

What to Bring

– lifejacket – PFD (usually provided on guided trips)

– map and compass

– jacket, hat, eyewear, sun block

– drinks, snacks, ice

– zipper bags for storing electronic devices

– fishing license when required

– rods and reels, small tackle selection

– live bait if needed

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