Kayak Work-Storage Stand

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For most weekend kayakers, cleaning, maintaining, and storing kayaks are frequent tasks. To handle a variety of tasks, a simple portable workspace is often useful. Before a trip, a table or rack is useful for washdowns, rigging, or performing maintenance tasks.

These same units are often useful when loading and unloading paddlecraft to and from vehicles. Following a kayaking trip, a table or rack can be a huge time saver during cleanup. Finally, these units can act as a storage rack. Depending on the situation, a kayak table or rack may have simple legs or be equipped with wheels.

Constructing a work table usually begins with a simple wooden frame. A variety of optional components could be added to the basic design, depending on the kayaker’s needs. Some kayakers will prefer simple fixed legs, which make the stand stable.

In other situations, wheels on one or both ends might be required. Two wheeled versions allow a user to lift one end and roll the unit a short distance. For longer moves, four wheels might be more suitable. Wheel choices can be customized based on expense, terrain requirements, asthetics, or other preferences.

Other optional choices might include a work surface on top, and perhaps a lower shelf at mid-level. Each component adds function, but also affects costs, final unit weight, and construction time. Before beginning a project, the owner may want to consider their needs.

How often will the unit be used?

What life expectancy will be desired?

Will the unit need to be portable?

Will the unit double as a storage rack?

What other tasks will the unit be used for?

After considering all the options, kayakers may want to build a simple kayak work-storage stand.

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