Gifts for Kayakers

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A number of gifts are suitable for kayaking enthusiasts including books, magazines, DVDs, safety gear, fishing tackle, electronics, clothing, coffee mugs, calendars, stickers, gift cards, and other items.


Safety equipment is also worth considering when choosing gifts for kayakers. Safety equipment for kayaking usually ranges from under $25 to several hundred dollars. Basic safety equipment might include compass, maps, waterproof pouches,portable GPS unit, handheld VHF radio, or other items.

Kayak Fishing

For kayakers that enjoy fishing, the list of possible gifts is almost endless. There are rod and reel outfits, lures, fillet knives, gadgets, and other fishing-related equipment.


Books and magazines are popular gifts for kayakers. There are books on practically every type of kayaking as well as related subjects such as boat building, navigation, weather, fishing, and top kayaking spots.


Many kayakers also enjoy nature and wildlife. For nature enthusiasts, gifts such as field guides, binoculars, or digital cameras might be suitable.


Like other sports enthusiasts, kayakers enjoy collectibles. Among the most common collectible items are t shirts, sweatshirts, hats, coffee mugs, stickers, buttons, and tote bags.

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