Gift Ideas For Kayakers

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A variety of items are suitable as gifts for kayakers, canoe owners, and other paddlesports enthusiasts. Most kayak-related gift items are small to medium in size, reasonably priced, and easy to locate online.

The following list includes 10 popular items that make suitable gifts for kayakers:


A good quality multi-tool is a must-have piece of equipment for kayaking. These unique tools are small in size and light-weight, but contain a number of useful tools. Most multi-tools include with a belt-loop sheath.


A number of knives are suitable as gifts for kayakers. A popular choice for general kayakers is the Swiss Army style of knife. These units, like multi-tools, are equipped with a variety of specialty devices.

Plastic Tackle Compartments

Plastic compartments are most often associated with fishing, although they can be useful to non-fishing kayakers as well. Plastic compartments are used for storing fishing lures, tools, hardware, maps, or personal items.

Plastic compartments are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are also available as packages which include a special weather resistant zipper bag.


Kayakers can never have enough lanyards. These simple accessories are used to attach equipment to the craft. Lanyards usually have a loop on one end and a snap on the other, similar to a traditional pet leash.

The most important lanyard for any kayaker is designed to connect the paddle to its craft. Other lanyards are serve general purposes such as connecting a knife or pliers to an anchor point.

Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are something every kayaker can use. They come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and materials. The most popular style is shaped like a soda can with a draw string at the top. Duffel bags for kayaking should have a waterproof material.

Handheld Compasses

For most kayakers, a handheld compass can be an extremely useful device. Compasses range from inexpensive to pricey, depending on quality and features. Compasses suitable for kayaking should be compact, waterproof, and above all, reliable.

GPS Units

For some kayakers, a GPS unit can be a great addition. GPS units are available with a wide range of features but high end units can be expensive and complicated. Most kayakers prefer simple, handheld GPS units that are waterproof and require only household batteries as their power source.

Waterproof Electronics Pouches

Electronics pouches are a great addition to a kayaker’s equipment collection. These simple accessories are used to store cell phones, radios, GPS units, and other electronic devices. Good electronics pouches are waterproof and have a ring for attaching a lanyard.


Food is always a good choice as a gift for kayakers. Kayakers usually carry high-energy snacks that are packaged for the outdoors. Popular food items for kayakers include cereal bars, fruit bars, jerky products, dried fruit, foil-pack meats, nuts, chocolate, and other on-the-go foods.


Hats can be good gifts for kayakers. When sun exposure is a concern, wide-brimmed hats can be essential. Some models also have skirting on the back which offers some protection of the neck area.

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