Guadalupe River Canyon Dam Tailrace Kayak Fishing

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Guadalupe River kayak anglers may find increased trout fishing opportunities in March, when the Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited (GRTU) is expected to stock approximately 900 brown trout averaging 14 inches in the Canyon Dam tailrace.

The tailrace extends 14 miles downstream of Canyon Dam on the Guadalupe River. Half of the brown trout stocking will occur in the special regulation zone, which begins 800 yards downstream of Canyon Dam and extends to the easternmost bridge crossing on Highway 306.

The remaining brown trout will be stocked in multiple locations from the easternmost Highway 306 bridge crossing to the second bridge crossing on River Road.

Methods for catching brown trout are similar to those used for rainbow trout. Dry flies, wet flies and small lures that imitate terrestrial insects or minnows can be good bait choices in summer.

Anglers can access the river several ways. In the upstream special regulation zone, kayaks and canoes can be launched from a free access area just below Canyon Dam. Take-out locations and other access can be arranged through outfitters such as Maricopa Riverside Lodge or Whitewater Sports.

During the winter season, several leased sites offer anglers free access to the river. For information about these sites visit

source: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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